Anjalé Perrault is a Palos Verdes artist specializing in botanical and floral acrylic and oil paintings. Inspired by nature and her background as a realistic painter, Anjalé creates detailed images from photographs she has taken mostly on the Peninsula, at locations such as the South Coast Botanical Garden. Most pieces are painted as commissions which are designed in conjunction with the client to complement the environment in which they are intended to be hung.

In addition to making art of her own, Anjalé also strives to inspire young artists to pursue a deeper understanding of artistic technique through her daily work. It was from Ed Warren, the founder and Art Director of KidsArt Inc., that Anjalé received her foundational art education beginning at age 6. Anjalé went on to attend UCLA where she graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Art, and a BA in English. The most enduring lesson that she learned through Ed’s passion for teaching was that it only takes one great teacher to inspire a child forever.

To honor the education she was afforded by the program as a child, Anjalé opened the Redondo Beach branch of KidsArt Inc. in 2004 after graduating from UCLA, and has since served hundreds of South Bay families. By providing children with a strong technical foundation based in realistic drawing technique, Anjalé hopes to impart to her students the same life long love for art which she discovered as a young artist.

When not teaching, painting, or illustrating, Anjalé can often be found getting dirty in the garden or in the sand with her two young sons and husband.

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